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Mushrooms Sync

4.35 usd

This application is intended for all nature and mycology lovers. It contains 9615 mushroom records, over 3000 mushroom descriptions and 800+ mushroom descriptions with over 5000 photos from different positions and microscopic images of spores. The application is permanently growing, improving and refreshing.Application is beeing updated with new descriptions and photos.
It will help you by finding or separating mushrooms from another, and it allows various searching characteristics as well as quick search. Each mushroom contains the literature where it can be found, latin name, synonymes, months of growth and search characteristics under which the mushroom can be found.
This application also allows you to add and have own bookmarks and also adding own images. Images which include GPS coordinates are automatically recognised and are add to the mushroom. It allows users a very simple review of finding locations for each mushroom.
This application is presented in Pdf format on the website
Application is optimized for Android version 2.3+ , recommended configuration: processor speed (CPU) 800+ Mhz. Basic database application contains by the descriptions of mushrooms one photo, in the case of larger memory on the phone you can upload more photos. We recomend internet or wireless connection.